Team Dashboard in VidSwap

How is the team dashboard in VidSwap structured and what is hidden behind the individual buttons?

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In this article you will get a short overview of which menu items are important for you and what is hidden behind them.

Here is an overview of what the dashboard looks like.

  1. Upload Video
    Use this button to manually upload a video for analysis, for example a match in which you were the guest team or a training session that you filmed manually.

  2. Get Credits
    Here you can buy credits to have the games tagged and analysed by the VidSwap team.

  3. Video
    In this section you will have access to all your videos available in VidSwap.Here you will create your analyses of the trainings or matches and determine which clips belong to highlights or reviews.

  4. Highlights
    Clips that you have marked as highlights are grouped together here and can be compiled into a highlight video of your match or training session.

  5. Reviews
    Reviews are similar to highlight clips, but reviews are used to compile clips for other coaches or to send specific scenes to your athletes. Reviews also offer a chat function that allows you to discuss certain things with your players or colleagues.

  6. Analysis
    When a video is tagged and analysed, you can access the detailed statistics via this point.

  7. Rosters
    Here you can create your players and coaches and coordinate access.

  8. Replay
    This area is not used by us, as we usually handle the livestreams via the Morawa Video CMS.

  9. Team Schedule
    This area is also not needed, as you receive streamed matches and match schedules automatically from our linked systems.

  10. Settings
    In the settings you can create personalised tags and tag panels.

  11. Notifications
    Here you can see, for example, if someone has replied to a review, if someone has shared something with you, or if a highlight video you created has been processed.

  12. Account Menu
    Use the arrow to the right of your name to switch teams, edit your account information or log out of VidSwap.

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