Restore a game report

Auto-Save and Load Live ensure that you do not lose any entries

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If EGREP crashes for some reason or your input device restarts, you will not lose any of your input.

To save your entries, you have the possibility to restore the last LIVE saved state of the game at any time when you start EGREP, or to reopen the game by loading a local backup file.

EGREP automatically saves the game report 1x per minute in the "autosave" subfolder.

To open a locally saved game report, go to "Load game report" in the menu or press "F5".

Then change to the folder "autosave" and simply open the newest file

EGREP is automatically reconnected to your game.

Load LIVE game into EGREP

If your last save was already live, you can also just download the game as usual and just click on the "Load Live" button in the Download Manager

After you have loaded the game back into EGREP, you can continue working normally.

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