Quick save / Livescore

You need to save the game live regularly to keep the livescoring up to date

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You have three possibilities to save a game LIVE.

  1. Press the key "F4" to save Live

  2. Click on "Quick save / Livescore" in the Easy Access interface

  3. Click on the menu item "EGREP" and then on "Quick save / Livescore".

Please note, even if the game is played for a longer period of time without interruptions, to keep the live time and to save it from time to time, otherwise the viewers will not receive any updates in the livescoring.

Note before the first LIVE save in egrep

If you haven't saved the game "live" yet, you will see the following dialog every time you save the game.

Once you have confirmed that you want to save the game LIVE, you will not see this dialog again.

If your live save was successful, you will see the following message in the upper left corner and also in the lower tab "Summary".

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