Start of a game section

Correct setting of a game section in EGREP

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It is very important that when you start a section in a game, you start it immediately in EGREP.

The following are considered game phases:

  1. Pre-Game Phase (Before the game)

  2. Start of a game phase (thirds)

  3. Start of a break in the game (thirds break)

  4. Start of overtime

  5. Start of penalty shootout

  6. End of game

To start a phase in EGREP, click on the respective phase in the timeline and save with F4 (Live).


When you click on the game phases, the time is recorded in the "Comments" tab. Therefore it is important to start the phase immediately at the beginning.

It is also important to click on End-Game, confirm and save with F4 to end the game in the live scoring, if the whistle has blown at the very end of the game.

You can still make corrections to the match report after End-Game and finish it at your leisure and then close it.

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