Add tag panel to a stream

You can add a Tag Panel to a stream

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To add one or more tag panels to a stream, first open the menu of the livestreams and then click on the start date or time in the column "Start".

The stream preview opens and you can add your panel on the right under the stream.

Click on the + next to the panel you want to add.

The selected panel is now displayed under your stream. You can change the panel at any time, even during the stream. In addition, you have the possibility to use several panels, for example if you have a second person who should tag to the game. More about this below...

Here is our example panel:

  1. Preview

    Here you see the stream with a time delay to the live picture, so that you can see your entries afterwards. IMPORTANT TO NOTE: The panels must be used LIVE and not after the stream shown here. So pay attention to what is happening on the spot and enter your tags directly when the respective action happens. You can then see the result in the preview.

  2. Action Panel wählen (Select Action Panel)
    Switch to another panel at any time

  3. Action Buttons
    Here you can see the buttons you have added to your panel. You can now use them to place fade-ins.

  4. Text manuell editieren (Edit text manually)
    If you want to edit the text of a predefined action before sending it, toggle this before clicking and you will get a text box where you can edit the text to be sent.

    Once you have customised the message, click on "Send" and a short time later you will see this message in your preview.

    Note that for buttons that add a clip to the highlight video, a certain amount of time before and after can be seen later in the video. So if you want to send text to a goal and first want to adjust a text, remember that the marker is only set in the timeline when you "send". For such actions, it is advisable not to adjust the texts or to adjust them only slightly.

  5. Panel schließen (Closing the panel)
    You can close the panel with the (X) button.

  6. Panel teilen (Share panel)
    With this button you receive a link with which you can pass on the panel for this stream to a specific person. On the target page you will only find the panel, without the preview video. In this way you can, for example, create different panels and make them available to certain people.

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