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Customise tag panels with your own buttons and text
Customise tag panels with your own buttons and text

With Morawa Tag Panels you can personalise your livestreams and refine them with your prefabricated overlays.

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Already created a panel for your livestream? If not, this article will show you how to access the panels to create one.

In the following example, you will learn how to customise your stream panel, for example for the broadcast of a soccer match.

In the settings, open the item "Kontoeinstellungen" (Account settings) and then click on the item "Panels".

There you select the panel you want to edit and click on the "Edit" button. Of course, you can also create a new panel and then edit it directly.

Now you are in your panel and, due to the selection of the streaming type when creating it, you have already received a template from us. You can now personalise, rename and adapt this so that the stream also becomes your personalised stream.

You first have the option on the left to change the name, the description or the template of the stream type. If you change the stream type later, however, your template will no longer change. If you have already created new actions, they will remain the same. This changes the selection of possible actions for which you can create a new button in the panel.

Here for comparison:

The type "SoccerStream" is selected and we create a new action. This means that you have a large number of different "Actions" to choose from for which you can create a panel.

For comparison, go to "Clean Stream" and you only have two standard options to choose from.

For the example, we will continue to use SoccerStream, so let's take a look at the template and see what it has to offer.

Our team has already predefined some actions so that you have a few examples at your disposal and can create the panel more quickly.

First take the item "Start" and adjust it according to your wishes.

  1. Name
    Here you have to enter the name for your panel button. This should be unique enough so that you always know which button to click on. (e.g. Kick-off game)

  2. Player Text
    In the timeline of the player, a dot is set when the action is sent. If you move the mouse pointer over this point, this text is displayed. This enables viewers to quickly find certain actions via the timeline. (e.g. kick-off)

  3. Farbe (Colour)
    With this colour you can individualise your button with a colour. For example, you can define certain actions that belong together with certain colours. (e.g. green for various kick-off actions).

  4. Kommentar (Comment)
    Here you can create a ready-made comment, which will be displayed at the push of a button. If your game is linked to or LOS, for example, you can use certain placeholders which will then be filled directly with the correct data.

    Ex. with placeholders:

    Ex. with fixed text

  5. Vorschau (Preview)
    When you create a text, the appropriate preview of your insertion is displayed here.

  6. Stream Actions
    Depending on the stream type, here you have a list of actions for which you can create buttons. Some of these actions also influence the score or time display.

  7. Highlight erstellen (Create Highlight)
    For each action, you can define whether it should appear in a summary of the game after the end of the game. Due to these highlight clips, a highlight clip of your stream is automatically created after the end of the stream, which can be found in the menu item Videos after some time. If you activate the highlight clip, you can set how many seconds before and after the click of the action should be saved in the clip. 5 seconds before and after the click would be sufficient for the kick-off, for example.

  8. Speichern (Save)
    Once you have finished creating your action button and filled in all the fields according to your wishes, you must click here to save it.

Here is a screenshot of the edited action button for the start of the game.

In your panel, the button has now turned green and the text has been adjusted.

Last but not least, here is an example of what your panel could look like

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