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Create and edit users in the Morawa Video CMS
Create and edit users in the Morawa Video CMS

Create new users and assign them specific roles and/or workspaces.

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If you are not working alone in the Morawa Video CMS, you can also create additional users at any time and assign them predefined roles and workspaces.

To access the user settings, you can either go directly to "Benutzereinstellungen" (User settings) via Settings,

or via Settings -> Kontoeinstellungen (Account Settings) -> Benutzer Einstellungen (User Settings) -> Benutzer (Users).

Now you will see an overview of all your users. To create a new user, click on "Erstellen" (Create) in the upper right corner, or to edit an existing user, click on the "Edit" button. (To delete a user, click on the trash icon).

Now create a new user

  1. Name
    Enter the name of the new user here.

  2. E-mail
    In this field you enter the e-mail address of the new user. He will automatically receive an invitation email after saving.

  3. Administrator
    Select here if the user is another administrator. If you activate this option, the roles are automatically hidden and the user gets full access.

  4. Rolle hinzufügen (Add role)
    If the new user is not an administrator, you must add a role. Here you can select a workspace for the user and assign one or more previously created user roles. Once you have selected everything, click on "Bestätigen" (Confirm).

  5. As soon as you have entered all data, the button "Speichern" (Save) appears next to "Abbrechen" (Cancel)

The new user is now created and can log in to the Morawa Video CMS as soon as he has accepted the invitation in the e-mail.

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