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Create and edit user roles in the Morawa Video CMS
Create and edit user roles in the Morawa Video CMS

Assign different roles to different users to protect content through access control

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You have the possibility to create different user roles in the Morawa Video CMS. This allows you to control who can see and edit what content.

To do this, open the settings at the top right and go to "Kontoeinstellungen" (Account settings).

Here you click on the item "Benutzerdefinierte Rollen" (User-defined roles).

First you will get an overview of all the roles you have already created. As an example, create a role that only allows users to create livestreams and playlists. Click on the button "Erstellen" (Create).

  1. In the following window you must first give your new user role a name.

  2. Then enter the rights for this role. In the example, the user role has been given full rights to livestreams and the right to change playlists. Videos and blogs may only be viewed.

  3. To save the new user role, click on "Bestätigen" (Confirm).

You will now see the newly created user role in your overview.

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