Move existing content to a workspace

You can move existing content to another workspace at any time.

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Imagine your video platform is getting bigger and bigger and therefore clearer. Now you want to have a better overview and have created a new workspace. You would like to move an existing playlist to this workspace, for example.

First open the wokspace where the playlist is currently located - in this example "Default".

To move a playlist into the workspace "e.g. Arlberg", first switch to "Playlist" in the menu. Click on the arrow symbol to the left of the edit button for the playlist you want to move to another workspace.

Now select the desired target workspace.

After you have selected the workspace, click on "Confirm".

You will now get an information that your content has been moved to the desired workspace.

If you now switch to the workspace, you will already see the moved content on your new workspace in the dashboard.

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