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Create and edit workspaces in the Morawa Video CMS
Create and edit workspaces in the Morawa Video CMS

Workspaces give you the possibility to distribute your content to different workspaces.

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Workspaces in the Morawa Video CMS offer you the possibility to separate your different areas of the video platform.

For example, if there are two of you working in the CMS and each user has their own video areas, you can also separate them with workspaces. In another article you will learn how to create roles for users and how to assign workspaces to them.

But now to the workspace...

To create a new workspace, called "Workspace" in the CMS, click on Settings in the top right-hand corner and then on "Kontoeinstellungen" (Account settings).

Then click on "Workspace" in the user settings.

Now you will get an overview of your workspaces that have already been created. "Alle" (All) and "Default" are standard and cannot be edited or deleted.

To create a new workspace, click on "Erstellen" (Create), or to edit an existing workspace, click on the "Edit" button.

Next, enter the name of the workspace and you can also give it a description, which you can see in your workspace overview. Then click on "Bestätigen" (Confirm).

You have already created a new workspace.

You can now switch to this workspace by switching to the dashboard and selecting this workspace in the workspace selection at the top of the screen.

You are now in your workspace and do not have any content. As described, you can now create all the content you need here.

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