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Create playlists in the Morawa Video CMS
Create playlists in the Morawa Video CMS

Playlists are needed to publish the created livestreams, videos and blogs to the end users via the Morawa video platform.

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What is a playlist and why do you need one?

With a playlist, you make the created content, i.e. livestreams, videos or blogs, available to your end users.

A playlist is basically a menu item on your video platform and all content that you add to this playlist is displayed in this category on the end customer platform.

Now that you have created videos, livestreams or blog content, create a new playlist. To do this, open the menu on the left and click on "Playlist" and then on the "Erstellen" (Create) button. If you want to edit an existing playlist or add new content to it, click on the "Edit" button next to the desired list.

Now create a new playlist and the following window will open.

  1. Titel (Title)
    The title of the playlist is displayed to your customers on the public video platform. A playlist is a menu item on the page.

  2. Beschreibung (Description)
    In this field you can add a description to your playlist. If a user opens your playlist on the video platform, the description will be displayed directly under the title.

  3. Thumbnail
    Here you can upload an image that will be displayed as the title image in the dashboard and as the header image of your playlist in the video portal. (Image size optimal in 16:9 format - e.g. 1280x720 pixels)

  4. Tags
    In this field you can tag your playlist with different tags.

    Especially if you have a lot of playlists, you can quickly lose track of them. Our tags enable you to catalogue/tag your playlists in order to find the desired list more quickly.

  5. Playlist Timeline
    With the timeline, you can easily drag and drop your various media (livestreams, videos, blogs or even other playlists) into the playlist, remove them again and arrange them in an order of your choice using the arrows on the content.

  6. Kategorieauswahl (Category selection)

    Here you can select whether you want livestreams, blogs, videos or playlists to be displayed in the media browser.

  7. Workspace Auswahl (Workspace selection)

    Here you can select the workspace in which the desired content is located.

  8. Suche (Search)
    Here you can search the displayed content in the media browser to quickly find the content you want to add to the playlist.

  9. Medienbrowser (Media Browser)
    In the media browser, all available media are displayed, which you can then insert into the playlist timeline using drag & drop.

  10. Erstellen / Speichern (Create / Save)
    Once you have made all the settings for your playlist and added your media, you must use this button to save or create the new playlist.

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