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Create and edit blogs in the Morawa Video CMS
Create and edit blogs in the Morawa Video CMS

With the Morawa Video CMS you can create and publish blog entries in addition to livestreams and videos.

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If you want to create a new blog entry, click on the hashtag symbol # in the left menu bar or on the menu item Blogs.

  1. If you want to create a new blog entry, click on the button "Erstellen" (Create).

  2. If you want to edit an existing entry, click on the "Edit" button in the line of the desired entry.

Editing basically works in the same way as creating a new entry.

Click on the "Erstellen" (Create) button to create a new entry. Below you will find out which functions you have for creating a blog entry.

  1. Titel (Title)

    Enter the title of your blog entry in this field.

  2. Titelbild (Title picture)

    Upload a cover picture for your blog entry which is appropriate for the new blog entry. This will also be used as a thumbnail in your overview.

  3. Textformatierungsoptionen (Text formatting options)

    We will go into more detail about the formatting functions later. You can click here if you want to jump directly to the section in this document.

  4. Textbox
    In this section you can write your desired blog entry.

  5. Sektion entfernen (Remove section)

    With this button you can remove the text area displayed above it or an inserted image. If you have already inserted several sections in your blog, you can change the order of the different sections using the arrows to the left of the button.

  6. Add image

    With this button you can add a new section in which you can upload an image. After you have added the section, simply click on it and select the desired image from your device.

  7. Add section
    If you want to add text after a picture section, for example, or a new paragraph, you can add a new text field.

  8. Show preview
    If you click on the "eye", your contribution will be displayed as a preview.

    If you click again, you will return to the editing mode.

  9. Entwurf speichern (Save draft)
    Here you can save your blog entry in case you want to publish it later.

  10. Veröffentlichen (Publish)

    Click here to publish your blog entry. Of course, you can also edit and adapt it at any time later.

Text formatting options

As announced above, you will now learn which formatting options are available to you for the text boxes.

  1. Heading
    Heading inserts a large heading

  2. Header

    Header is also intended for a heading, e.g. of a paragraph.

  3. Bold
    With Bold you mark the font bold.

  4. Italic
    Italic is used to make the text italic.

  5. Underline
    Use Underline to underline certain parts of the text.

  6. Ordered List
    With Ordered List, you can create a numbered list.

  7. Bullet List
    With Bullet List, you can create a bullet list with dots.

  8. Link
    With Link you can insert a link into your blog.

    If you click on an empty space and then on Link, the following input mask appears, in which you can then enter the URL and the link text.

    If you first mark a text passage and then click on Link, the marked text is already inserted in "Anzuzeigender Text" (Text to be displayed).

    If you now enter a URL and click "Submit", the text is displayed in bold and underlined and is linked to the address entered.

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