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Embed code for placing videos in other websites (Embed Code)
Embed code for placing videos in other websites (Embed Code)

In this article you will learn how to integrate a video from the Morawa CMS into your Wordpress site, for example.

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Using embed codes, you can also easily place your video on other websites. You can copy the embed code for your video directly when uploading the video or afterwards.

To copy an embed code, first open the videos in the menu, then search for your desired video and click on the "Edit" button on the right-hand side.

Now you are on the editing page of your video, where you can of course also edit the information about your video at any time. At the bottom right of the page you will find "Copy Embed Code". To copy the code for embedding the stream on a website to the clipboard, simply click on the symbol to the right of the text.

You have now copied the embed code to the clipboard. You can now easily place it in the code of your website using "CTRL+V" or on the mouse by right-clicking and then pasting.

The following is an example of how you can easily integrate the code into a post on your Wordpress page.

To do this, go to "Create post" in Wordpress and then enter the desired title of the page. Where you want to insert the code, add a block "Individual HTML".

Now click into this block and press either "CTRL+V" or the right mouse button and then "Insert".

Now you can save the contribution and view the result on your website. The video is now directly embedded with just a few clicks.

To prevent misuse, you must tell us in advance the domains on which you would like to embed your videos. We will then gladly activate your domains so that you can display the videos there. You will see whether you still need to inform us of the domains if you embed a video on your page and receive the following message when you start the video.

You can easily reach our support staff by opening the messenger on the bottom right of this page and sending us a message.

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