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Edit video information in the Morawa Video CMS
Edit video information in the Morawa Video CMS

In this article you will learn how to add or edit information about your uploaded videos.

Updated over a week ago

To edit your video information, click on "Videos" in the navigation and then on the "Edit" button next to the desired video.

This will open the editing page for your selected video. (This corresponds to the page that also appears after uploading a new video.)

  1. Titel (Title)

    Enter the desired title of your video in this field. The title of the video will be displayed to anyone looking for content on the main page.

  2. Beschreibung (Description)
    In this field you can add a description to your video. If someone decides to watch this video, they will receive this information about the video, which you enter here.

  3. Thumbnail
    Here you can upload an image that will be displayed as the title image of the video. It is a preview image, so to speak. When you upload a video, a thumbnail is automatically generated from the video, which you can also replace with your own at any time (image size optimally in 16:9 format - e.g. 1280x720 pixels).

  4. Tags

    In this field you can tag your video with different tags, especially if you have a lot of videos. Our tags allow you to catalogue/tag your videos in order to find the desired content more quickly.

  5. Paid-Content
    If we have already entered the data of payment providers for you (currently possible PayPal and Stripe), you can offer the video as "paid content" here. This means that before your customer can watch the video, he or she must pay the amount specified there. Only then can they access the video. Subscription models and voucher codes are also possible!

  6. Button Name und Button Link
    Here you have the option of adding an extra button to your video to refer the user to a desired website.If the video is a summary of an ice hockey game, for example, you can either place a link to your homepage or to a statistics website where the user can view detailed live statistics on the game.

  7. Embed Code kopieren (Copy embed Code)
    With the embed code, you can also integrate this video on other websites. If the video has to be paid for, the "paywall" will also be displayed there. Simply click on the icon next to "Copy Embed Code" and embed the code at the desired location.

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