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Stream forwarding to other streaming platforms
Stream forwarding to other streaming platforms

In this article, we will show you how you can forward your created streams simultaneously to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

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In this article, we will show you how you can forward your created streams simultaneously to platforms such as YouTube or Facebook.

It may happen that you want to stream your stream not only on the Morawa video platform, but also on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook. With so-called stream forwarding, you can easily send your livestream to as many other channels as you like.

To do this, you do not use the "embed code", but the streaming forwards, with which you can forward the video signal directly to the other video platforms.

To do this, you first need the data of the respective platform. The live systems of YouTube and Co., like the Morawa Video CMS, use a stream URL and a stream key.

The following example shows you how to forward your stream to the video platform YouTube.

First, you open the YouTube Studio in your YouTube account.

In the YouTube Studio, we can easily copy the stream key and stream url to the clipboard. To do this, go to your stream settings in YouTube Studio, where you will find the stream key and the stream URL. Here you can copy the URL and the key to the clipboard. We can ignore the back-up stream URL for now.

To configure the streaming forwarding in the Morawa Video CMS, open the account settings in the settings. (Kontoeinstellungen)

Scroll all the way down and open the Livestream settings under "Streaming redirects". (Streamingweiterleitungen)

Now click on "Create" (Erstellen).

A dialogue will open in which you must enter the stream URL and the key.

  1. Streamtarget Name
    Enter the name of your streaming forwarding. Example "YouTube Test "You should choose a unique name if you want to use several different YouTube channels so that they can be easily recognised later.

  2. Adresse (Address)
    Enter the stream URL that you have copied from the YouTube Studio.

  3. Streamkey
    Enter the stream key from YouTube Studio.

Once you have entered the data, click on "Add". (Hinzufügen)

To forward a live stream to your YouTube channel, you must now add the forwarding to your stream.

To do this, open the "Live" menu and click on edit for the desired stream.

In the editing window for the livestream, click on the "+" next to "Add stream forwarding" (Streamweiterleitung hinzufügen).

A dialogue opens in which you can select from all the streaming forwardings you have created. So take the stream forwarding to Youtube that you have just created by placing the marker to the right of it and then click on "Confirm" (Bestätigen).

Of course, you can also select several redirects directly if you have already created them.

All selected redirects are now displayed on the stream settings page.

Now click on "Save" (Speichern) at the top right to apply the changes.

As soon as the event is on-air, the stream will now automatically be forwarded to YouTube and broadcast there as well.

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