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Layout of the Morawa Video CMS
Layout of the Morawa Video CMS

In this article you will learn how the Morawa Video CMS is structured in its basic layout.

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When you log into the Morawa Video CMS, you will see four areas that you will come across again and again.

  1. Content navigation

    In the left area you will find the so-called content navigation, which you can use to navigate between the different contents you have created. You can use the button at the bottom left to hide the names of the individual menu items and thus minimise the display.


  2. Editing area (in the picture "Dashboard")

    If you upload videos, plan livestreams or create playlists, you will enter various required meta-information in this area.

    For example:

    - When is a livestream scheduled?

    - What is the name of the video?

    - Is the content scheduled or provided for free?

    In the edit box, you can categorise and customise the content.


  3. Workspaces

    To be able to sort content, you can switch between so-called "workspaces".

    At the beginning you will only find one (the "Default-Workspace").

  4. Settings

    Here you can customise your channel, edit your profile and you can create and invite new users for your channel.

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