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Adding players, registered at short notice or players from linked teams (last-minute update)
Adding players, registered at short notice or players from linked teams (last-minute update)

Here you can find out how to access players registered at short notice or players from linked teams. (v22.1.2)

Updated over a week ago

If you have already entered a line-up for a match and find out that a player has been registered at short notice but was not available for selection until now, you can add him to EGREP via "Last Minute Roster Update" in the "Online" menu.

If the match operation also allows you to enter players from linked teams for a match (DEB friendlies & Netherlands), you will also find the players from the linked teams via this point and can also insert them into the roster.

After you have opened the Last Minute Roster Update you will see the following window.

  1. In this area, the players are listed who you have selected for the last minute update.

  2. You can use the arrow keys to add or remove players from your re-registration.

  3. All players who are available for late registration are displayed here.

  4. In the information log you will find information about how many players are available and what action you last performed.

  5. If you do not want to register any players, you can close the window by clicking on "Cancel".

  6. Once you have selected all the players you need, click "OK" to add them to the team list.

  7. In the margin you can switch to the guest team. If you have switched to the guest team in this dialogue, this button appears with the name of the host on the left side.

In the example, we now switch to the guest team and add one of the two players (Amtmann).

If you click okay, the selected player is listed in the team list.

This player must now be added to the line-up via "Quick Lineup".

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