Print In-Game Forms

Print out the team line-up or the match report during the game

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Official team line-up

There are 3 ways to open the official team sheet for printing.

  1. By pressing the keys "CTRL+F12"

  2. By clicking on "Official roster (in-game)" in the Easy Access Interface

  3. By selecting the menu item "Teams -> Show Team composition form -> Official roster (in-game)".

After printing the In-Game form, you can also directly click on Match Report and print it as well.

The printed In-Game form as well as the empty match report sheet can be handed over to the hall announcer, press, etc., for example.

Game Report

To call up the match report directly for printing, there are 3 ways to do it

  1. By pressing the „F3“ key

  2. By clicking on "Print view" in the Easy Access interface

  3. Menu item "EGREP -> Print view".

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