Creating a line-up with EGREP (Quick Lineup)

In this article you will learn how to enter a lineup with the Quick Lineup in EGREP (v22.1.0)

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You have to enter the lineups of both teams according to the completed pre-game forms in EGREP. For this you have to use the so called Quick-Lineup. In the following you will learn how to open the Quick Lineup and how to enter your lineups there.

Opening the line-up wizard (Quick Line-up)

There are 3 ways to open the "Lineup Wizard / Quick Lineup" dialogue.

  1. By pressing the "F11" key

  2. By clicking on "Quick Lineup" in the Easy Access interface

  3. By selecting the menu item "Teams -> Quick Lineup".

Create lineups (general)

If you have opened the Quick Lineup, the home team is already opened first.

  1. To get to the input for the guest team you can click on the vertically written team name at the edge of the input dialogue.

  2. At point 2 you see a frame and the field "GK" for the starting goalkeeper.

    This field is currently selected.

  3. If you now double-click on the desired goalkeeper in the player selection on the left-hand side, the goalkeeper will be inserted in the marked field and the marking will jump to the next field and you can select the next player.

  4. As an alternative to clicking on the players in the player list, you can also search for players by entering their name or jersey number.

Setting up a captain or assistant

As an example, we now want to place "Bandencheck Ulrich" as assistant captain in the first row as left defender.

  1. Click on the desired player in the player list

  2. Press the "F1" key twice until "A" is displayed.

  3. Press the "Enter" key or double-click in the desired target field.

Changing a jersey number

For example, we now want to assign the number 95 to "Fehlschuss Sven" instead of his reported number 29.

  1. Click on the desired player in the player list

  2. In the "Shirt number" field, enter the number with which the selected player is participating in the match.

  3. Press the "Enter" key or double-click in the desired target field.

Set the starting six

After you have entered your line-up, you should mark the starting players in the line-up. To do this, press the "SHIFT" key and click on the starting players. Of course, you can also do this directly when you put the player in the line-up. Simply hold down the "SHIFT" key when you place the player.

If you have accidentally marked a wrong player as the starting player, simply click on it again while holding down the "SHIFT" key.

Emergency goalkeeper

By clicking on the "Emergency GK" button, you have the option of setting up a third goalkeeper.

The so-called emergency goalkeeper has special treatment in contrast to the other two goalkeepers. If the emergency goalkeeper is not placed in the match by a goalkeeper substitution, he is automatically removed from the line-up at the end of the game and is no longer listed in the statistics. In the event of non-use, the emergency goalkeeper will also not have taken part in the match.

Changing incorrect entries or emptying a slot

  1. Changing incorrect entries

    If you have accidentally forgotten to change the jersey number or have placed a player in the wrong slot, you can simply click on the field and then, as described above, click on the player on the left, make the changes and place him in the correct field or place him in the field with the changes.

  2. Remove player from slot

    If you have accidentally filled a slot in the line-up with a player, even though this position has not actually been allocated, you can simply click on the slot and then click on the "Remove player from slot" button.

Each player can only be placed in the line-up once. If you select a player a second time and place him in a different slot, the first slot in which the player was already placed is automatically emptied.

Remove unrostered players from the line-up

Once you have completed the line-up of a team, you must tick the box to remove the unrostered players from the line-up. Make sure that the box is not ticked until you have completed the line-up, otherwise all the jersey numbers of the players will be removed in order to delete them from the line-up.

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