Entry of Game Officials in EGREP

Entry of all participating game officials and off ice officials in EGREP (v22.1.0)

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There are 4 ways to get to the game officials input window.

  1. By pressing the keys "CTRL+F11"

  2. By clicking on "Game- Officials" in the Easy Access Interface

  3. By selecting the menu item "Teams -> Game- Officials".

  4. By clicking on the tab "Game - Officials" in the lower programme menu.

There you enter the game officials to your previously loaded game report.

First enter the last name, then comma (,) the first name of the respective person followed by the licence number in brackets.

SURNAME, first name (passport number)

When the game officials dialogue is opened for the first time, it will be displayed in an enlarged view for easier entry. After the referee has been entered and the input mask is closed, the input mask appears exclusively in the tab "Game Officials" instead of full screen.

Commercial permit

Also to be entered under "Game Officials" is the date of the advertising/commercial permission. Please enter the date of the advertising permits for both teams! (If an entry is not necessary, this field will not be displayed in EGREP or is already filled).

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