Load game into EGREP

In this article you will learn how to load a game from LOS into EGREP. (v22.1.0)

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Open the download dialogue box

There are 3 ways you can open the GameReport download.

  1. By pressing the key combination "CTRL+D

  2. By clicking on "Game report download" in Easy Access

  3. By selecting the menu item "Online -> Game report download"

Selecting the league and setting the match search filters

  1. Enter the league name for which you want to create a match report in the search field.

  2. Select the league (in the example: filtered by "demo" to select the league "DEMOLIGA-DEB")

  3. If you use EGREP more often, your last selected leagues will be displayed here for faster access.

  4. Select when the game will take place to minimise the number of matches

  5. Press "Show games" to display the game selection

  6. If the league has a password, you have to enter it in the dialogue that appears.

Load the desired game into EGREP

  1. Select the game you want to load into EGREP (only visible if the game is enabled for input).

  2. This field will show you detailed information about the match, such as date, time or division. This is to give you a better overview of which match you have just marked.

    If your league works with our "Digital Player Pass" app, you can (and should) already download the team line-ups from the app.

  3. You can see whether a line-up from the app is available in the line of the match selection if a tick has been set at the end.

  4. Click on "Load selected game" to completely fill out the match report form with manual creation of the lineups.

  5. If pre-game data has already been filled in and uploaded, you can load the game with the pre-filled line-ups/game data.

  6. If, for example, EGREP crashed while you were entering the online match report, or if EGREP has to be terminated and restarted for some reason, you can reload the live game. The last saved version, including already created lineups etc., can be reloaded (also practical if the printer is in a different location).

  7. Here you can cancel the loading process and close the window.

Suspended players

If players are suspended for the selected match on that day, the following dialogue will be displayed showing the suspended players.

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