Layout of EGREP

In this article we will show you how the EGREP interface is structured (v22.1.0).

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User interface

The user interface of EGREP is designed like an original paper gamereport sheet to make entering the data as easy as possible.

  1. In the upper area you will find the programme menu.

  2. Directly below you will see a status display, as well as the timeline and current score display with live time.

  3. The game report is in the middle. (Team squad on the left, goals with plus/minus in the middle and the area for penalties on the right).

  4. In the lower area there is additional information such as:

    Match summary, match officials, comments, penalty shootout, team colours, stats, additional messages, announcer for stadium announcer and the error check.

    When you do not need the additional information, you can show or hide it by double-clicking on the tab bar.

  5. Click on "Easy Access" or press the "F10" key to open the "Easy Access Window".

    the "Easy Access Window" opens with all the steps to be taken in the correct order - before, during and after the game.

    Easy Access can also be opened by clicking on the icon in the status bar (2).

Show/hide required columns

Depending on the league specifications, some entries are not required for the match report. For example, the input of plus/minus, or the shot statistics.

To improve the overview in the programme in such cases, you can also hide unneeded areas. To do this, simply adjust the respective selection under the menu item "Quick Settings".

Easy Access

The Easy Access interface offers you a precise overview of what needs to be entered and in which order.

Easy Access can be called up at any time by pressing the "F10" key.

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