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EGREP (Electronic Game REPort)
What is EGREP and where can I download it?
What is EGREP and where can I download it?

Download EGREP v22.1.8

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The name EGREP is derived from "Electronic Game REPort".

The software is used for the online/offline recording of an ice hockey match and for the electronic creation of the gamereport, as well as all necessary forms.

When the match report is saved online with EGREP, data is automatically transferred to "LIVE Online Statistics" (LOS).

Through live entry with EGREP, among other things, LIVE scores are published on websites and graphics are created for LIVE streams.

Basically, the entries in EGREP cannot be lost, as an automatic saving of the entries is also done locally.

If you have downloaded EGREP, unpack the saved ZIP folder to a location of your choice.

EGREP is not installed on your Windows PC, which makes it possible to run the programme on a USB stick and, if necessary, simply use it on another PC with the USB stick!

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