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EGREP (Electronic Game REPort)
Starting the EGREP application
Starting the EGREP application

Information on running EGREP (v22.1.2)

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Start screen

After opening EGREP (by clicking on EGREP.exe) the start screen of the application opens.

EGREP Splash Screen

  1. Choose language

    Here you can select the desired language for the EGREP interface.

  2. News
    This field displays short news items, such as Realease information.

  3. Close
    If you have opened EGREP by mistake, you can close the start screen with this button.

  4. Update Information
    Here you get information if there is a new update. The update must be installed by clicking on this field.

  5. Select settings file
    In this list field you must select the currently required configuration file.

  6. Load settings
    By clicking on "Load settings" you can retrieve the required settings file, depending on the league or tournament, by entering a password.

    League Access Code

    You can obtain the valid access code for retrieving the settings from the league management on request.

  7. Launch EGREP
    By clicking on "Launch EGREP" you start the application.

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