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EGREP Advanced Overview / Programme Structure
EGREP Advanced Overview / Programme Structure

In this article you will learn more about the general programme structure of EGA.

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1 | Playing area

The red semicircle shows (see arrow) the position of the off-ice officials. For this reason, it is advisable that the EGA officials are also positioned on this side, or directly there as well.

2 | Status bar

  • On the far left you see your connection status

  • In the middle area you can select the game section.

  • On the far right you can select the playing direction of the home team

3 | Team / Player selection

The teams are always arranged as they are currently playing. (If the goalkeeper of team A is on the left, the display of team A is also on the left. If the direction of play is changed, the display is also changed.

The individual players are shown in colour in the overview. This depends on the selected position in the line-up.

  • Grey: Goalkeeper

  • Green: Defender

  • Blue: Centre

  • Black: Right/Left attacker

The sorting of the players is based on the jersey number (ascending).

The colour-coded players should make it easier for you to choose the players on the faceoff, for example, as these are usually centres.

If you click on the cogwheel behind the team name, you can change the colour of the team background according to your wishes. This is only for your personal better overview.

4 | Action bar

Here you can edit the details of the action you have entered. This is explained in detail in a separate article for each action.

5 | Logging

In this bar you can see the last saving action that was carried out automatically by EGA or manually by you.

6 | Reporting

Here you can generate and print reports at any time.

7 | Status Bar / Manual Timing

In the status bar you can use manual timing and see various information about the game or programme.

Overview of the information from left to right

  • Selected programme function (Shots/Faceoffs/Shots+Faceoffs)

  • E-GREP connection code

  • The LOS ID of the game

  • Period display

  • Play time for manual timing

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