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Entering an supplementary report for the game in EGREP
Entering an supplementary report for the game in EGREP

If you as a referee have to create a supplementary report, you have to enter this directly in EGREP. (v22.1.4)

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It happens sometimes, that you have to create an additional message for a game. (As a rule, you will be informed by the referee if an additional message has to be created). Depending on the country / federation / league, it can also happen that the referee himself writes the supplementary reports.

Examples for reasons for supplementary reports:

  • Delayed start of the game due to broken glass during warm-up.

  • Fans throwing objects on the ice

  • Player skates with a different jersey number than reported to the league.

  • Player receives a game misconduct or match penalty

  • Playing field lines are poorly visible, etc....

Via "Easy Access (F10)" you can access the additional message editor by clicking on the button "Supplementary Reports".

To create a new additional message, click on "Create new supplementary report".

Now the input mask opens in which you can/must create the supplementary report.

  1. Enter the title of your report here. This serves as an overview in case you have to create several reports.

  2. Select the reason for which you have to create a supplementary report. (A change here will cause other templates to be displayed under 5.)

  3. If necessary, you can enter players or external persons who are affected by this report.

  4. Here you have to write the reason for the report.

  5. For certain reasons you will find ready-made texts here, which you then only have to complete, for example with the playing time.

  6. If you have created an incorrect additional message, you can delete it here.

  7. If you change an additional message and you don't want to save it, you can discard the changes here.

  8. Click here to save the additional message you have created or edited.

  9. When you are finished, you can close the input mask for the additional messages here.

Let us now create an example:

The Fantasy Bees could not present a valid advertising permit and the referee asks you to enter this as an additional message.

  1. First enter a title for the report. (Advertising Permit Bees)

  2. Select the reason for the message. -> Advertising permit falls under "Sonstiges"

  3. Open the text templates

  4. Take over the template for the advertising permit.

  5. Adapt the text of the template

  6. Save additional message (accept changes)

Now the title is displayed in the list of additional messages and you can close the input mask.

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