Record Penalty Shooting in EGREP

Here you will learn how to correctly enter a penalty shoot-out in EGREP.

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If the game ends in a penalty shootout, set the live time to "Start of GWS" or click on the "SO" (Shootout) field in the timeline.

(Then press F4 directly to save LIVE).

Now switch to the tab "GWS/Stats" in the lower part of the programme.

You can add new lines to the table by clicking on the "+" and fill them in according to the penalty situation.

Each penalty shot must be entered in a separate line!

Enter the goalkeeper and the respective shooter. If a goal is scored, tick the box for goal.


  • Home team starts

  • Shooters home #36, #4, #18

  • Goalkeeper home #25

  • Shooters guest #91, #27, #28

  • Goalkeeper guest #1

  • Home scores on first attempt

  • Guest scores on first and second attempt

The last input line is no longer necessary, because after the missed attempt of #18 the game is over.

You must now enter the Game-Winning-Goal as a goal for the winning team. To do this, simply click on the button "Write desceisive shot into gamereport".

Finally, you can open the completed shootout form and print it out for your records.

Now set the game to END-GAME via the timeline and save with F4 that the result is LIVE and the live scoring is ended.

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