Enter shot on goal statistics manually in EGREP

If you do not use EGREP Advanced for shots, you can also record shot statistics manually.

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To clarify the most important question about ahots on goal in advance...

What is a shot on goal?

A shot on goal is a shot,

✅ that leads to a goal

✅ where the puck is heading for the goal, a goal would be scored by this shot, but is held by the goalkeeper.

No shot on goal is,

❌ if the shot is deflected or blocked.

❌ if the shot goes next to or over the goal

❌ if the goalposts are hit

❌ if the goalkeeper stops a shot that should have missed the goal

Shots on goal at the end of the period

At the end of the period, or when changing goalkeepers, enter the current number of shots in the current period in the box provided under the "Summary" tab at the bottom right. (If you have to count the shots yourself, you can do this directly here).

Then click on the respective period that has just ended (1,2,3 periods or OT for Overtime). Now a window will open in which you can correct the number of shots again. Finally, you only have to click on OK to accept the shots of the third period.

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