Entering penalty times in EGREP

In this article you will learn how to correctly enter penalty times in EGREP (v22.1.4)

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There are two ways to enter penalties in EGREP. Either manually, or by using the penalty wizard.

Entering penalties using the Penalty Wizard

Click in the quick input field, enter the current time from the stadium clock and click on "+" or the Enter key.

The penalty wizard will open and you can now enter the penalties for both teams. In this case it doesn't matter if you opened the wizard via the field at the home or guest team.

  1. Home team
    Here players and team officials of the home team are displayed.

  2. Guest team
    Players and team officials of the guest team are displayed here.

  3. Game Time
    This displays the current game time for the entry of the penalty(s). If you have entered the wrong time by mistake, you can open the time wizard again here.

  4. Offending player

    The penalized player is entered here. Select him from the display on the right or left with the left mouse button.

  5. Served by

    Here the player is entered, if a player serves the penalty for another, or a bank penalty was pronounced. Select him using the right or left display with the right mouse button.

  6. Selection of penalty minutes

    Here you can select and combine the penalty minutes. For example, if 2+2+10 are given for the same penalty, you can click on 2+2+10 and combine them until 2+2+10 is displayed. You can reset the combination by clicking the trash can icon.

    If you choose MISCH, GA-MI or MATCH, the penalty will be preselected and you have to choose the reason of the penalty to complete the entry.

  7. IIHF Code Filter
    Here you can filter the penalty list by IIHF code.

  8. Penalty name
    Here you can filter the penalty list by name

  9. Selection of the penalty
    Here you select the penalty and have to accept it by double-clicking or pressing the Enter key

  10. Penalty display for transfer to the game report
    Display of the entered penalties which are to be transferred to the game report

  11. Cancel
    Click here to close the penalty wizard without transferring a penalty to the game report.

  12. Delete penalty line
    If you have entered a penalty incorrectly, you can click on the desired line and remove it.

  13. OK
    If you have entered all penalties, click "OK" to transfer them to the game report.

Manual input of penalties

Add an empty line to the penalties

Now you can enter the penalty manually

  • Time
    Enter here the current game time without ":" (Not the time from the game clock)

  • No.
    Here you have to enter the number of the penalized player.

  • Min.
    Enter here the penalty minutes (Attention 2+2 is not 4, this requires 2 diefferent lines with 2 minutes each)

  • Offence / Off.Reason
    Select the penalty here. (In case of MISC, GAMI, MATCH, or Penalty Shot, the name of this penalty must be selected and the reason for it must be entered in the second dropdown field).

  • Start

    Here the game time must be entered, when the penalty starts.

  • End
    If the penalty ends early, the end time must be entered here. If the penalty expires normally, this will be filled automatically in the game report.

  • Served By
    If another player serves the penalty, or it is a team penalty, the player who goes to the penalty bench is entered here.

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