Quick entry of minor penalties in EGREP

EGREP 22 allows you to enter goals and penalties using a quick entry field (v22.1.4)

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With EGREP 22, we have created a way for you to enter goals and penalties using a quick entry field. Below you will find a list of how you can use the quick entry feature for penalties.

With the quick entry of penalties, the input field is checked for the following entries and thus creates an entry for the entered penalty.

If you don't want to use the quick entry, but want to use the penalty wizard, just enter the time without any other information and click "+" or the enter key.

  • Game time

    The first thing to do is to check the input field for the game time.

    For this you have to enter the current time from the stadium clock with 3 to 5 digits.

    If you enter a time that is longer than a game segment, it will automatically be considered as the directly entered game time.

    Format: 3-5 digits

    Example: If there are 9 seconds on the clock, 009 must be entered.

  • Penalized player / Sent off player

    After the game time, you must enter the penalized player and, if applicable, the player serving the penalty.

    These are entered as 1-2 digit numbers. (This is also the reason why the playing time must be entered with 3 digits, otherwise the system recognizes a jersey number) The numbers are simply entered, depending on a space, in the order Penalized / Sitting out. If the player sits the penalty himself, just leave out the second number.

  • Penalty

    Third you enter the IIHF code of the penalty.


  • Time on the clock (second period - third period 20min): 11:00

    (Corresponds to game time 29:00)

  • Penalized player: #19

  • Penalty: Hooking

Input options:

  • 1100 19 HOOK

  • 2900 19 HOOK

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