Entering a goal in EGREP

In this article you will learn how to enter a goal in EGREP (v22.1.3)

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Goals are entered in EGREP in much the same way as they would be entered in a handwritten game report. First of all, here is an overview of how the complete input is divided in your view. In this main view, you can supplement or correct the entries at any time without using wizards.

Structure of the input line for goals

  1. Playing time
    The absolute playing time is entered in this field. The entry has to be made without ":", e.g. "3321".

  2. Goal scorer and assistants

    1. T -> Jersey number of the goal scorer

    2. A1 -> Jersey number of the first assistant

    3. A2 -> Jersey number of the second assistant

  3. Game Strength
    GS stands for "Game Strength", i.e. how many players are currently participating in the game per team.

    Note: If a penalty is indicated by the referee and the attacking team exchanges the goalkeeper for a field player as a bonus, this does not change the game strength, as the number of players on the field still remains the same.

    1. Does the team play with more players? (Powerplay 5 against 4 or 5 against 3) Enter +1 or +2 here.

    2. Is the team playing shorthanded? (4 against 5 or 3 against 5)

      Enter -1 or -2 here

  4. Type of goal

    Normally just "Goal" is entered here, but there are also other types of goal

    1. PS -> Goal by Penalty Shot - the indicated penalty is entered with "0" minutes (only goal scorer, no assistants)

    2. EN -> Empty Net Goal - the opposing team has replaced their goalkeeper with a field player.

    3. AG -> Awarded (Technical) Goal - under certain circumstances, a penalty or infraction by one team may result in a technical goal in the final minutes of play or overtime. This will be announced directly by the referee.

    4. TOR -> in all other cases "Goal" is selected (standard input).

  5. Plus / Minus Statistics
    If the league requires that a so-called +/- statistic is kept, you have to enter here which players were on the ice at the time of the goal.

Entering goals with the goal assistant

To enter a goal, press the "+" button under the goals. Now the time input assistant opens first, where you enter the game time and select the current game period.

You can also skip the time input assistant by entering the playing time in the input field next to the "+" and pressing the "Enter" key, or by clicking on the "+".

Now the goal assistant opens, which is structured as follows:

  1. Player selection

    Here you can directly click on the players to transfer them into fields 4-6 (goalkeepers are marked blue).

  2. Relative time

    The current playing time in the third is displayed here (identical to the stadium clock). A click in this field opens the time input assistant again.

  3. Absolute time

    Here you can see the current playing time, which will be taken over into the match report for the entry.

  4. Goal scorer

    Enter the goal scorer here

  5. 1st assist

    Enter the first assistant here (optional)

  6. 2nd assist

    Enter the second assistant here (optional)

  7. Playing strength

    If it is an powerplay or shorthanded goal, you can set the respective playing strength here. (In case of powerplay, another wizard will be activated by this).

  8. Type of goal

    Here you can choose whether it is a special goal.

  9. Cancel

    If you do not want to make any entries and have opened the wizard by mistake, you can close the wizard here.

  10. OK

    After you have entered 1-8, click OK to close the wizard and accept the entry. Powerplay opens a follow-up wizard to adjust penalties.

Here is an example:

  • 1750 in the first period / relative time

  • Scorer 11

  • Assistants 18 and 27

  • No powerplay

  • Normal goal

After clicking on "OK", the entry is accepted and you can enter the +/-.

A normal goal without powerplay can also be entered via the quick entry field without an additional assistant. Enter the above example as follows:

The following is an example of entering a goal with the wizard when the opposing team is shorthanded and there is even a deferred penalty that only starts when a penalty is ended.

Example with follow-up wizard

Initial situation:

  • Penalties visiting team

    • 0500 #36 2min hook

    • 0505 #4 2min hook

    • 0510 #18 2min slashing

  • Goal Home Team

    • Time on the clock 14:27

    • Goal scorer #91

    • Assistant #10

Entering the example with the assistants

Click on the "+", enter the time in the time assistant and then click on "OK".

Or enter the time directly and then "+".

Now select the goal scorer and then the assistant. Then you select the game situation, in this case "+2" for double *overnumber (5 against 3) and then click "OK

After you have entered a powerplay situation, the next wizard will show you all penalties that are currently running for the generic team.

Now select the penalty of player #36 to end it early.

Since there is now also a deferred penalty, the wizard expands automatically and you can also select the next penalty to adjust the start time.

You have now selected the first penalty #36 to finish early and the penalty of #18 to finish early. Now click on "OK

The goal has now been entered and the two penalties have been adjusted.

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