The Time Wizard in EGREP

You can easily use the time input wizard in EGREP to get the time from the stadium clock (v.22.1.3).

Updated over a week ago

To open the time wizard you have to click in the field "Live-time" or at goal, penalty on add. The wizard also opens when you click in the time-out field.

New in EGREP 22 is the so-called quick entry field below the goals and penalties. Here you can directly enter the time from the stadium clock and press the Enter key, or press the +. If you do not enter a time here, the time wizard will open first, otherwise the entered time will be used in the current period.

Structure of the time input wizard

  1. Relative time
    Here you enter the time that is displayed on the stadium clock. Depending on whether the stadium clock counts up or down, this must be set in the settings at the beginning of the match so that the time input assistant can convert correctly.

  2. Period selection
    Always make sure that the correct period is selected for your input. If you have selected the correct period via the timeline, the correct one should already be preselected here.

  3. Absolute time

    Here you can see the real playing time, which will be taken over into the match report.

  4. OK

    By clicking on OK you close the assistant and take over the time into your entry.

  5. Auto Fill Livetime
    If you already have the current playing time in the upper right corner of the livetime, you can take it over directly by clicking on the button.

  6. Cancel
    Here you close the assistant. If you enter a goal or a penalty, the follow-up assistant opens without accepting the time. However, you can enter the time there.

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